Privacy Policy

Personal exclusive information

 E Z LANKA TECH SOLUTIONS (PVT) LTD.  is a leading online recharge provider for India's major mobile networks and DTH service providers, which has a strong optimism and value for its customer's retention. We follow all privacy and security measures to make our website highly secured and a trusted medium for making all future transactions without a concern.

 No disclosure of information

 We do not release any confidential or personal data of customers to any third party for personal profit concerns..

 Trusted and certified

Our website is a highly secured medium to make any kind of financial or any other transactions. We have applied all security measures such as encryption, firewalls, password protection, and antivirus software to avoid the disclosure of any personally identifiable information.

 Additional network contact

 We may make into contact with third parties regarding some recharging services, however we do not disclose any other personal information of customers to them

 Changes in policy

 According to requirements we may make an immediate change to our privacy policies on demand. So keep visiting our website to get regular alerts on it.